About the studio


Haddenham Studio was born from the desire of Director of Photography, Robert Hollingworth, to have a space where he could base his creative ambitions and give a permanent home to the specialist kit that is part of parcel of modern film making.

Given Robert’s background in theatrical lighting he was also itching to be able to setup a studio that took the faff out of the filming process to facilitate creativity.  All of this needed a building and it was paramount that building met today’s needs but also all the needs of the next 20 years or more, and those needs are environmental.  The building had to be thermally efficient and have minimal environmental impact.

Haddenham Studio aims to be a modern studio with one foot always in the future with a nod and respect for the past.  We light with the latest most efficient LEDs, yet you’ll find a film fridge for the precious Portra 160.  We run the buidling on renewable energy, yet tell the time with a original BBC studio Leitch time piece from BBC Radio.

Alex Hemingway (Director), Graham and Janice Smith (Animal handlers) and Henry Keep (AC) wrap on a shoot for Disney+. Photography by Robert Hollingworth, Mamiya RZ67 ProII on Portra 800