Green screen filming at Haddenham

Haddenham Studio is a green screen studio near Aylesbury and Thame equipped with a 6m high green screen which is 10m wide, and expandable in curves left and right by another 10m on each side, to provide backgrounds for wide shots.

Using our Doughty Six Track system we can hang and move any drapes which includes green and blue screens.  This means we can quickly setup a screen over 10m wide curving around on either side by a further 10m.

Live compositing is possible with our in-house streaming system, and the output can be further outputted live for broadcast or remote monitoring.

Green screen | Lighting bars to wash the whole studio | Hung off Doughty Six Track

Cameraman films an interview against a green screen in a studio near Aylesbury
Camera man films subject against a green screen
Patrick Acum at Haddenham Studio
Patrick Acum, Director of Photography, setting up for an interview at Haddenham Studio. Patrick is based near the studio, see his website here.
Mud cracking timelapses

Mud cracking timelapses

Shooting two sets for wides and closes of mud drying after the rains for a new landmark documentary currently in production