Precision Macro Motion Control Gantry

4 axis XY, Pan and Tilt macro gantry (Patent Pending) for precise and fast macro motion control cinematography on set

Introducing the ultra-precise, ultra-repeatable and ultra-portable macro motion control slider gantry, now available to hire


Designed and built for natural history and commercial filming on location up a mountain, or in the studio. This 4 axis system (with Patent Pending) is both precise and portable and designed for heavy cine cameras from Arri, RED, Sony and Vision Research, combined with macro, probe and microscopy lenses

Robert Hollingworth – macro DoP and founder of Haddenham Studio – designed and developed over the last 5 years a bespoke motion control cine robot to facilitate macro cinematography principally of wildlife subjects:

The 4 axis gantry has XY and Pan and Tilt axes and is designed to accommodate RED, Arri and other large format cinema cameras. The unit is designed to work with macro lenses and is routinely used with focal lengths such as 200m micro lenses and 10x microscope objectives.

The camera can be flown with a PS4 controller live, or recorded and played back for repeat VFx moves.

It mounts on a 100mm bowl, or 3/8″ tie down and work in any orientation. Tilt is +/- 45 degrees and Pan is 360 degrees. X rail is 18″ and Y is 12″. 

As featured on sets in:

All Quiet on the Western Front (Netflix)
A Real Bugs Life (Disney+)
Super/ Natural (Nat Geo)
Sphere Vegas
Frozen Planet II (BBC)
Green Planet (BBC)

The current gantry is the result of 5 years of iterations and R&D by macro DoP Robert Hollingworth in collaboration with leading motion control engineers and the software / controller is designed by eMotimo.

There are now 3 of these precision, portable macro cine gantries and they’re used daily on sets around the world and one lives permanently at Haddenham Studio and is powered by a Dragonframe DMC16 system adding further speed to each axis as well as additional axes such as Z and FIZ.

The location kits pack into one Peli case of 25Kg for easy flying to remote locations and power off one V Lock battery for 2 days or more filming on one charge.

The system has Patent Pending status in the UK.


Robert Hollingworth talking about Welcome to Earth
Aputure Nova 600 lights the open gantry peli case
Green Screen Studio

Green Screen Studio

Large green screen studio near Aylesbury and Thame featuring 6m high green and blue screens which are fully configurable on drape tracks

Who Moved the Tortoise?

Who Moved the Tortoise?

New podcast for science and natural history television hosted by Alex Hemingway and Kate Dooley records at the Studio

Drive to Survive returns with Season 6

Drive to Survive returns with Season 6

The popular Netflix series returns with a 6th season with interviews filmed at Haddenham Studio chosen for its blackout, black-drape-lined studio, in the heart of Buckinghamshire with good access to Oxford and surrounding counties

Sphere filming wraps in the studio

Sphere filming wraps in the studio

Filming took place across 2023 for the pioneering entertainment structure in Las Vegas, The Sphere. Haddenham Studio was home to the specialist unit filming Postcard from Earth

Mamiya 645 Cinema Primes Kit

Mamiya 645 Cinema Primes Kit

Haddenham Studio has an in-house set of vintage Mamiya 645 primes with LPL mounts in 35mm to 150mm focal lengths. Additionally a macro set is also available.