A Real Bug’s Life


Pioneering new photography introduces us to the world of the little bugs and critters than keep the world revolving – from the streets of New York to the plant pots in your garden

Haddenham Studio hosts filming for the series providing cutting edge motion control and the latest lighting techniques

Filming took place on location and in controlled environments. Haddenham hosts a large number of scenes across a long period starting in 2021.

We provided lighting, motion control, camera grip and staging as well as projection techniques and plant / animal husbandry facilties.

Surrounding exterior locations were used too for scenes during which times Haddenham served as a Unit Base.

Frames from the floor

Haddenham provided facilities for the shoot including lighting, camera grip, motion control and animal / plant husbandry.

All the lighting is rigged and ready to go, all with wireless DMX control, ideal for pixel mapping or quick setups.  Modifiers from lens tubes to spacelights and 1.5m Octodomes are on handy to shape and backgrounds including virtual spaces are always on standby.


Henry Keep (1st AC and Focus Puller) on the studio floor setting up a shot for filming
Henry sets up our in-house fibre optic lights for a underground set shot
Lining up the shot on the jib before Mark Amey steps on set with his hedgehog

Made by Plimsoll Productions

The studio shoots included in alphabetical order

Directors: John Capener, Alex Hemingway, James Manisty, Alex Ranken
DoP: Ralph Bower, Robert Hollingworth
Focus Puller & AC: Alec Davy, Henry Keep
Art Director: Jamie Andrews / Backdrop Design
Animal Wrangler: Mark Amey, Lucia Chmurova, Dr Tim Cockerill, MetaBugs & Chris Timmins
Technology Support: Brian Burling and eMotimo