the main studio

100% renewable electricity

all power for the studio comes from renewable energy sources and LEDs are used throughout


EPC building rating 'A'

a new building meeting all the latest building regulations for reduced environmental impact


the studio floor

190 m² / 2,045 ft²

a creative space perfectly suited to tabletop and specialist shoots
Wide angle view of the studio in Haddenham

Designed to make the shooting process and efficient as possible, the studio has chain hoists, lighting bars and a lovely in-house lighting package suitable for starting most shoots.

Black woollen serge drapes on tracks surround the space. The drapes work as light control, partitioning the space into 3 sub-studios as well as deadening the sound when sound recording is required.

Floor plan for a film studio


It has been designed and specified by crew, for crew: Robert took his background of theatre and event lighting and applied it to details of the new studio, from the cable labelling to the choice of in-house fixtures right down to the work lights, emergency lighting levels and floor power.


Floor plan of the green room at Haddenham Studio
Technical Specifications

Area: 190 m² / 2,045 ft²
Height: 8m / 26 ft
Power: 300 amps, 3 phase
Drapes: black wool serge, chromakey blue & green
Internet: 1Gbps
Lx Control: CRMX, Multiverse, Art-Net & sACN
Environmental Control: Temperature and humidity control, grow lighting, reverse osmosis water supply

the green room area

85 m² / 914 ft²

relax, plan & make video calls in a quiet area above the studio under natural light

Above the studio floor is a mezzanine for quiet times away from the filming. It is a large area measuring 10m square with desks, sofas and natural light: this area is a multi-functional space for office work, DIT, dining, or extra filming space if required.

There is a complimentary 27″ iMac and 50″ TV for DIT and reviewing rushes connected to a 1Gb upstream to the internet.

Floor Plan

Plan your shoot layout on the floor plan


Remote Directing

The Teradek system in-house means it’s a breeze to stream internally or externally over secure VPN

DIT Area

48″ TV screen is available by the sofas for rushes playback and facilitating DIT through our iMac

Video podcasting

We have dedicated YouTube setup with camera, autocue, sound and lighting for live broadcasting and recording

Sound recording

The woollen drapes create a pleasing acoustic minimising reverberant energy and there is treatment to reduce noises off, although it is not sound proof

Blistering internet

1 Gbps stream enables rapid up and downloads on Wifi and LAN. There is a VPN and cloud server too



300 Amps 3 phase; 3 x 63A SP, 1 x 63A 3P & floor distribution


Up and over electric loading door for lorry access to studio floor

Wifi & Ethernet

1Gb FTTP & 1Gb ethernet backbone with POE and VPN


Chain hoists for a 12m x 9m truss grid at 7m height 


Waterproof resin on concrete base finished in grey gloss (30kN/m2 loading)

EV Charger

22kW fast charger for electric cars (Coming soon) 

Art-Net & sACN

Node to 8 DMX Universes from Wifi and ethernet

CRMX & Multiverse

Wireless DMX on both industry standards in-house


ETC S4 Series 3, Aputure 1.2K, Nova P600C, P300C, 600D, frames and modifiers


6m black wool serge drapes on tab tracks around the whole space, and partition into three ‘stages’


Electricity is from 100% renewable sources

Working lights

Ultra-bright 5600K LED 80% CRI flicker-free working lights. A++ energy rated


Motion sensitive recording inside and out & Ring Doorbell


Gated environment with burglar alarm


4 spaces available immediately outside with many others free on site


Catering available and Co-op & Norsk Cafe a few min walk away

Road travel

Near M40 junction 7

Rail access

Haddenham and Thame Parkway station 44 mins to London


Strong coverage on all networks inside and out


Nearest hospital Stoke Mandeville in 15 mins and defibrillator at local shop 

What’s in a colour?


Black woollen serge drapes, floor to ceiling for crisp, high contrast looks

CSO Ultra blue being used in the studio during filming for Sphere Vegas with ants


Ultra blue CSO can be swapped onto the curtain tracks

Cameraman films an interview against a green screen in a studio near Aylesbury


Ultra green CSO can be swapped onto the curtain tracks

Take the virtual tour

Flexible usage

Building only

You provide your own crew and equipment

Studio & Assistant

In-house help for your shoot to access our equipment including camera, power, lighting, sound and special effects

Studio & Director of Photography

Founding DoP Robert Hollingworth – the  designer of the space – will conduct the shoot

the specialist side

Owing to the heritage of the studio’s founder being in motion control and time lapse it’s no surprise the studio is equipped with some specialist and quirky equipment often found used in high-end natural history and commercial spaces.

Industrial humidifiers, heaters, grow lights, data loggers, motion control systems such as eMotimo and Dragon Frame all have a home here in the studio.

Dragonframe DMC 16

16 Axes of motion control is available through the in-house Dragonframe DMC 16 system


St4’s, SA4’s and bespoke plant growth motion controller units from eMotimo representing over a decade of collaboration between Robert and Brian are all in-house

Environmental control

RO water supply, humidity and temperature control, lighting control make the space ready to adapt to any environment from desert to tropical jungle

Motion control

State of the art motion control available in-house: XYZ Gantries, macro and large turntables, vertical risers, focus motors

Time Ghost

Introducing a brand new, bespoke time lapse motion control computer designed and built by Robert during lockdown.

Each unit is capable of firing two cameras; two external motion controllers; 240v grow lighting (with day automated day length); environmental monitoring of temperature and humidity; external KP1 mains relays and 4 internal relays. Interval and focus ramping allows for dynamic changes live during a timelapse in time and focus position.

Designed natively to trigger external motion controllers such as eMotimo St4, eMotimo TB3, CD100 and Dragonframe. Others possible via spare relays and GPIO.

Full remote access over ethernet / internet is provided for monitoring and changing the timelapse settings live and a playback tab shows the timelapse frame by frame as it is shot for an immediate playback of the shot to the latest frame.

Currently only 4 units exist and they are running long term timelapses for two major BBC natural history landmark series.


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Cropped image of the studio floor

Floor plan

It’s a work of art. Literally. Hand drawn by storyboard artist Chris West.

Virtual Tour

It’s all flow. Drift through the space from your desktop or mobile

Call Sheet Summary

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Technical Spec

To help your Call Sheets here is a one page PDF to drop in

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