Studio technology

Bring the outside, inside

Successful specialist shoots often rely on environmental control so in-house we have the ability to control temperature, humity, water and grow lighting and we control it all remotely and sync to the camera and motion control.

Temperature Control

Control the filming environment temperature

Humidity Control

Control the filming humidity

Grow lighting

Provide plants with suitable growing conditions and day/night cycles

RO water on tap

Filtered water by reverse-osmosis perfect for plants and humidifiers

Volume sets

Our 10m back projection screen is ready and waiting to expand the horizons of any set creating more depth than ever before in the studio for frame rates up to 1000 fps and anything from Unreal Engine to a custom palette. 


The special bits and bobs, all ready and waiting

Studio floor

Motion Control

In-house macro gantry for buttery-smooth macro moves, turntables, focus racks, and eMotimo & Dragonframe compliment Time Ghost for plant time lapses

Studio floor

Time lapse

Built into the fabric of the studio is everything you need for a plant time lapse shoot: SLRs, lenses, motion controllers, separate 16A circuits and remote monitoring

Studio floor

Wireless lighting

CRMX and Multiverse installed for quick lighting setups and changes, and linking to pixel mapping and matching to 3D volumes

‘Appy days

End to end workflow taken care of thanks to our in-house apps to speed up the repetative tasks such as time lapse processing, focus stacking time lapses & stitching massive frames