Time lapse Studio

Bespoke filming area for timelapse and long term photography such as plant growth time lapses. Equipped with the latest motion control and timelapse equipment this studio is able to run up to 8 setups depending on set size.

Bespoke space for the slower pace of life


St4’s and bespoke plant growth motion controller units from eMotimo representing over a decade of collaboration between Robert and Brian

Dragon Frame DMC 16

16 Axes of motion control is available through the in-house Dragon Frame DMC 16 system

Environmental control

RO water supply, humidity and temperature control, lighting control make the space ready to adapt to any environment from desert to tropical jungle

Motion control

State of the art motion control available in-house: XYZ Gantries, macro and large turntables, vertical risers, focus motors

Time Ghost

Introducing a brand new, bespoke time lapse motion control computer designed and built by Robert during lockdown.

Each unit is capable of firing two cameras; two external motion controllers; 240v grow lighting (with day automated day length); environmental monitoring of temperature and humidity; external KP1 mains relays and 4 internal relays. Interval and focus ramping allows for dynamic changes live during a timelapse in time and focus position.

Designed natively to trigger external motion controllers such as eMotimo St4, eMotimo TB3, CD100 and Dragonframe. Others possible via spare relays and GPIO.

Full remote access over ethernet / internet is provided for monitoring and changing the timelapse settings live and a playback tab shows the timelapse frame by frame as it is shot for an immediate playback of the shot to the latest frame.

Currently only 4 units exist and they are running long term timelapses for two major BBC natural history landmark series.